lundi 20 novembre 2006


up until now, this whole creating a blog process has been extremely stressful. like choosing a name for my blog, an address, even the title of this entry, and it doesn't end b/c now i feel this on-going pressure to be interesting or witty and i can't do it!

in any case, this blog is primarily for me. so that i can look back at my time in ten years and remember the stinky cheese. i love the stinky cheese.

so last night, we had an "international potluck" and it was so great-- here's a rundown of what was served:

spanish omelette (pilar)
french quiche (diane)
german potato pancake thing (maja)
greek spinach pies (me!)
stinky french cheese yumm (remi)
italian pasta with secret ingredients (igor & mattia)
argentinian dolce de leche and yerba mate (richard)
american peanutbutter and jelly (me!)
french crumble cake and local beer (nicolas)
italian tiramisu (luciano)

and ... we had a little joke session so i was truly in my element. ok, new dorky joke that will enter my repertoire:

So, you're at this maths party right... and every maths symbol is there from mew to the golden ratio to lambda. e is looking rather lonely, so pi goes up to and says, "Hey, why don't you integrate?" e just looks at pi sadly and says, "It wouldn't make a difference."

ahhhhhhhhhh!! i love it.

one thing i absolutely love about the cdi is how international it is- everyone speaks at least 3 different languages and speaks different languages depending on who they're talking to. it's truly inspiring and my goal is to be able to speak fluent english, greek, french, and spanish by the end of 2008. i have two years. unfortunately, my french is quite moche at the moment and though at one time, i spoke fluent greek, it's now been overtaken by my moche french- like i start talking greek and then switch to french without even realizing it! yaya probably thinks i'm crazy b/c i started talking to her in french yesterday on the phone. it's so weird. it's like french and greek are in this "non-maternal languages" register of my brain and english is in a completely separate register. i think i just need to practice switching between greek and french more often b/c right now it's just embarrassing. and yea, i can't speak spanish. except "camisa negra". and balé balé balé. that's from listening to pilar talk on the phone. and pablo and antonio taught me other dirty words but i don't think it's appropriate for here (tienes una poojita).

okay i think i'm going to make it a night. even though i'm thinking of exciting new things to write about - like my daily 1hr commute to work and the "diamonique" sudokus in the metro. and the weekly "greves". and french-style beer pong.


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David a dit…

hey alkemist,

the new blog is looking good and a great name is always a good way to start!!

I loved the nerd joke! it was super!!

ok I'm also feeling the shitness of my french recently - definitely been having problems with my speaking... so I need to practice more - I'm thinking we should set up some time to really speak in french... how about tomorrow evening?? anyway I'll be in touch!

xox bis


Hi alki .

your comments are refreshing

just dad

Melanie a dit…

Hey Alki!

I love this first post, good start for a promising blog!
I'll be among your great fans ;-)


Ps: your French is ok, don't worry, you'll soon be perfectly fluent!