vendredi 20 juin 2008

everything tastes better in spain

ok, i've been in granada for about 10 hours -- but it has been an absolute culinary delight.

i arrived at the hostel around 4pm and met up with ange and marcin and we didn't make it out of the hostel until about 7:30pm due to excessive olive eating, ping pong playing, and flirting with cute italian boys!!

oh the olives.

the olives are so so delicious.

when we finally stepped out of the oasis, we headed to a tea house. i got a naranja/limon zuma b/c i'm not yet acclimated to the heat after being in the tundra that is paris. ange got a mint tea and she ordered this weird cooking herb tea for marcin (it tasted like rosemary or some kind of herb you use to dress meat). and we got this really tasty sort of baklava/halva dessert. delicious.

and then we embarked on our "buy drinks get free tapas" tour and started at an unassuming bar to watch croatia and turkey play. with our beer and wine, we got a very simple patatas fritas with these little sausages (they looked like mini hotdogs). it was simple. but DELICIOUS.

we then got lost in this crazy graffiti alley way, and ended up in the best fish tapas place in town (awarded by alki). there were no seats available but we made a small set up and started on our first round of "quarter pints". it turns out that ange, marcin, and i are all complete light weights so even after having only 2 drinks, we were starting to make very little sense in our story telling. and marcin was whipping out his flamenco fan and winking at the older woman with matching fans, as if to say "yea, we share something special". anyway, our first tapas was GAMBAS in this amazing garlic salt oil sauce. it was so tasty. so tasty that we stayed for another round (this is where it gets dangerous-- you have drink to feed yourself!!). this time it was these little salty fishes-- pesceitas fritas. YUUUUUUMMMMMMY. after staying in the hip fried fish 'hood for a while, we ventured as far as the "arch" only to return to a different wine-bar about 40 meters from the fish place. there we got some delicious wine and had some chorizo and yummy cheese tapas. and we learned about the "young" wine and the pebble honey.

then we hung out in this cool flamenco and jazz bar -- eshavara. and these dudes were just singing and clapping and playing guitar and it was pretty hypnotic (so much so that i took a small siesta).

finally, we decided to go back the hostel. but we stopped on the way for a falafel. even the cheap falafel on the street tasted of quality.

everything tastes better in spain.

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Dan Schultz a dit…


Ahora, yo quiero comida de Espana! Tengo mucho hambre...siempre.


PS: I like that the olive were more memorable than the Italian boys.