lundi 1 juin 2009

eggplant : a meat substitute?

this will be a short one, i promise.  

so.  i went to melik's house yesterday and he was making thai red curry - i was first astounded to see a french person add hot chili peppers to a paste that was already quite spicy (the french are generally quite wimpy when it comes to spicy food!).  spicy for me, is obviously a-ok. mmm....

then, melik apologized that it would be a meatless curry, which again for me, was perfectly fine. 

what i didn't know however, was that he had soaked his eggplant(aubergine) in salt water for 24 hours in order to "degager" the water in the eggplant and make it cook better. 

when i sunk my teeth into the pieces of eggplant in the curry, it had an incredible fleshy texture that i almost felt like i was eating meat.  it was so succulent and delicious.  

i'm still incredulous that the eggplant's meaty texture was due it being stored in water with some salt in it.  

moral of the story - if you want to cook eggplant, soak it in salt water.  at least for an hour before you cook.  

eggplant is definitely one of my favorite vegetables.  and it's so pretty !!

speaking of pretty food, check out my groceries.  

and while i'm at it, i did a bit of "gardening" this weekend.  ok, i cheated and bought the basil, chives, cherry tomatoes, and mint, already sprouted... but i'm gonna keep 'em alive !  (can you sense the hesitation in my writing?)  i also got seeds to grow radishes and rocket lettuce which i'm pretty sure are both doomed already.  i'll keep you posted on the progress of the window ledge garden.

sign off.

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