dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Mick's rules to brushing your teeth

1. You can't brush your teeth if you've recently drunk beer (or any alcohol really). Otherwise, you'll lose the delicious taste in your mouth!

2. You can't brush your teeth if you've eaten anything recently. The mix of different tastes is unsettling.

3. Likewise, you can't eat right after brushing your teeth (same reason as #2). And if you've just brushed your teeth, and someone suggests that "you try something and then just brush your teeth again afterwards", that person might as well jump out the window.

4. You can't brush your teeth on an empty stomach. Because it will make you nauseous.

obviously, due to my teeth-brushing obsessed mother, i don't follow the same school of dental hygiene. my rules are: brush in the morning and in the evening. at least. if not more. who cares if you had beer or ate or haven't eaten, just brush damn it. and flossing is as important (if not more) than brushing! (though i'm not good at doing that on a daily basis).

sign out. :-)

2 commentaires:

McFly a dit…

The key point is "The mix of different tastes is unsettling." Avoiding to mix incompatible tastes or flavors or smells is not disgusting. It is just good taste. And elegance.

I believe teeth-brushing obsessed people are the same than those who love Nutella : they lack the taste sense!

That's right! You heard me! Bam!

Sean a dit…

Yeah, if you brush your teeth with say, mint flavor toothpaste, you need to plan your food & drink to compliment the minty freshness. Is that an invitation to drink mojitos and eat chocolate? Maybe.

Alls I's knows is that I have about 15 throat lozenges a day and pick them out to complement what I want to eat.