mardi 23 novembre 2010

boulder bites

i've just been with the Delichapittas bunch for a lovely and hectic weekend in Boulder/Denver - a weekend filled with singing, dancing, bowling, playing non-stop iphone games, riding the free tram in Denver, breaking air coonditioners, watching Glee, and of course, experiencing "Finders Keepers Losers Weepeers", an incredible whirlwind play by the Band of Toughs. you must go see it.

and... as vacations should be, our weekend was scheduled around meals. so if you're in boulder, here a couple great spots to check out:

come here for a yummy southern creole style brunch. but as for most brunch places, if you want to avoid waiting in line, you have to do 2 of 3 things:
1) go as a small party
2) go early or,
3) go on a week day

we went early (930am), but we were a big party (7) and we went on a saturday... so we still had to wait 45 minutes!

"Eggs Jennifer" with cheesy grits. mmm... cheesy grits.
a delicious taqueria. my next post will be mia's ranking of best "chicken, rice, and cheese" burritos (pica's made the top 3).

the "wet" veggie burrito. um. YUM!

that's all for now. sign out.

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