samedi 29 janvier 2011

le jardin d'en face

yes. another restaurant post!

just a quickie.

basically, if you find yourself in montmartre looking for a good restaurant, le jarden d'en face is a great bet.

it was so simple.

but everything a restaurant should be. good food. super charming atmosphere and decor. and a really friendly and funny waiter.

and couple that with on a monday night at le bordel club, a relaxed and easy-going comedy club, and you've got yourself a pretty awesome evening.

le jarden d'en face
29, rue des trois freres

it seems they also have another restaurant across the street:

le potager du pere Thierry
16, rue des trois freres

let's also remember that rue des trois freres is the street that amelie POULAIN* lived on. :-)

* if you leave out the poulain, it's apparently a clear indication that you're not french.

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