jeudi 6 janvier 2011

les cocottes

ah - P nu YEr !!

so... why is it that the coolest tastiest restaurants i go to in paris always happen to be with the rogoz bunch? (ya know, our tri-annual birthday celebration for ellen)

the latest is a place called les cocottes. i define this type of restaurant - "hip-chic".
(yes, alki alone has coined this term).

delicious dishes all served in "cocottes" (a crock pot? crap, what do we call this in english?)

according to wordreference, "cocotte" also means "honey"... or "loose woman".


the restaurant belongs to christian constant (a michelin-starred chef), oooooh!

and though some dishes are kind of pricey, you can easily enjoy a tasty and affordable meal (my fish cocotte which was absolutely delicious was only 17euros!).

(yea, i only managed to get a photo towards the end of my pleasure feast)

so if you're in the mood for something tasty, and a bit different, flirt with les cocottes.

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